Days I have been on this earth

day is still on..

Now when i am done with my  first visit to mandir, me n maa are allowed to go places with paa.

I started with GOVARDHAN RESTAURANT , where i visited along with my paa, maa grand maa, gran paa, bua ji fufu, anubhav bhai n anushi dii to celeberate amma daddu 31st and tauji-taiji 4th marriage anniversary, there we had(excluding me) delicious north as well as south indian food.

after dinner we all(excluding me n maa) had icecreams, yummmyyy..maza aa gaya, as exclaimed by anushi di, coz i didnt have it, i cant write more about it…for sureebut we all had a great time together.

Truly a Great day, after a big break


hello to all…

till yesterday i was anvi, from now on I am ANVI JAIN. For the first time, today i visited green park JAIN MANDIR with my paa, maa, grand paa, grand maa, and amma taiji. In the mandir 2 uncles and 1 aunty, recited namokar mantra in my ears, seriously it feels gr8 to hear the magical mantra .

so gals n guys, after my mandir visit now i ll be full ON with my blogging skills.


I recently completed first month of my existence, and my family celebrated it as my birthday. Ab kaun samjhaaye inko ki birthday to every year aata hai.

I did not want to break their hearts so I also gave my 100%. See me with my family on 21st April 2011

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Last week my paa bought a new dress for me from mumbai, a beautiful pink stripes, frock style, very preity.

Maa ne to kaala teeka bhi lagaya tha..coz everybody wz behind me..what was more spl was it was d first gift of my paa to me and that was wen he was on official tour to mumbai…

Hoping to get more..jaldi jaldi..

Thank u paa.. luv u bhut shaara

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