Days I have been on this earth

About Me

Hey this is Anvi’s web page i.e. my first online presence. My paa Ankit n my maa Vanshika (Vinny), are the one to be held responsible for ma existence.

To tell u more, my name ANVI speaks about the duo  i.e. ANkit + VInny = ANVI. Gud naaa. Vaise jo humkko achche lagte hai and jinko hum achche lagte hai wo hame MITHI bhi bula skte hai.

6:43 THE AM; THE MONDAY; THE MARCH; THE 2011, I opened ma eyes, the first time I breath in the POLLUTED air of my paa’s jaan se pyari DILLI, and thus some  also call it my BIRTHDAY.

Following is my first ever pic after coming to this world. It was taken at 7:20 AM on 21st March 2011, just 37 minutes later to my birth.

Credit goes to my Tauji. Thanku Tauji.

{Uncle, Aunt please click on the image to see it clearly}

You may also want to see my few more First Day pics.

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