Days I have been on this earth


yesterday i asked maa ki mujhe achche se LORI sunakar sula do, coz wanted to have a sound sleep, arre aaj paa jo aane wale hai…today i ll be meeting paaa after 6 full days..m very xcited bout it (but lesser than maa) .

tonight m not gonna sleep  , hum paa ke saath bhut shaara khelege, n haan charu maasi ki shaadi bhi to attend krni hai…

now i need to get ready for the shaadi…bye

i m waiting for u paaa…

It was my third night at nanu’s place, but to tell you, paa ke tummy par jo sone ka maza hai wo kahi nhi hai…

I was not feeling like sleeping, so i wake up early at 2:00 am and started crying..(arre maa ko n nani ko bhi to uthana tha na..mein akele bore ho jaati hun na), then it is the job my nani to make me happy…she took me in her arms and started roaming here n there..(par hum kaha manne waale the)..humne fir nanu ko bhi utha diya..arre he was sleeping n me crying..not done nanu..

nani kept roaming, n itme me what i saw SUN started rising, fir to hum soye hi nahi…maa gave me a handsome baath, n i visited JAIN MANDIR along with nani…

it was a gr8 nite…ask nani about her experience

hey all,

I am on my first ever visit to nanu’s home in khatauli. this visit to khatauli is  important for both me n maa , as maa is visiting her MAAIKA after a period of more than 6 months, and ofcourse meri to first visit hai hi.

but 1 hi dukh hai, we ll b missing paa badly, kash wo bhi hmare sath chal paate, but wo nhi chal sakte hai as he has just joined a new company ATLAS COPCO. chalo nyways gud luck paaa for ur new assignments.

waise hum nanu ke yaha bhut njoy kar rhe hai, gauri dii, aanya dii humare saath bahut shaara khelte hai..

looking forward to return to our dilli waala home very soon.

day is still on..

Now when i am done with my  first visit to mandir, me n maa are allowed to go places with paa.

I started with GOVARDHAN RESTAURANT , where i visited along with my paa, maa grand maa, gran paa, bua ji fufu, anubhav bhai n anushi dii to celeberate amma daddu 31st and tauji-taiji 4th marriage anniversary, there we had(excluding me) delicious north as well as south indian food.

after dinner we all(excluding me n maa) had icecreams, yummmyyy..maza aa gaya, as exclaimed by anushi di, coz i didnt have it, i cant write more about it…for sureebut we all had a great time together.

Truly a Great day, after a big break


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